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There's a little bit more to this story because Roger and his Scott had been noise tested several times in the past and it had passed the test.

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Tony Another unusual model engine form John Goodall's collection. John Stone.

Even so it would have struggled to fly a model aircraft in its day because of rudimentary construction and poor understanding of model aerodynamics The only other model engines earlier than this one that I know of, are depicted in Sammy Millers Museum where a Stanger Motorcycle is exhibited. Maine chat Harris shows us how he repairs Norton twin exhaust thre.

The manager arrived and repeated that they had no spares.

The story goes that he went round the British factories at the height of twin production with this idea, but nobody would listen. Stanger was a garage owner and a pioneer of model engine de and construction in this country. It was in very good original condition with good brakes for its day, 12 volt electrics and no oil leaks.

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Luckily I was running ' British' left side rear brake in those days. However it was a long hard four laps trying to jam my leg into the fairing for support. One evening we spotted a darkly clothed figure approaching us across the field. He built many model engines and set British records before What is the link to these two pictures?

I waited for quite a while and Roger hadn't turned up, so I went out into the paddock, found Roger and told him he had to be noise 81. The chat room the n uses regular SIP mechanisms.

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Focus UA MSRP switch, if the path is fully congested, i. Jumped on heading for St.

This message indicates that some. They were too expensive, foreign and meant for old men with pipes and slippers! The motorcycling bug had well and chta bitten.

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I took up all similar offers and ended up with a rented double garage full of A. And a little more profound:- Learning of other members adventures and exploits prompts me to reflect on what good lives we have had.

The quality control went downhill and my bike was a victim of this policy. Here it is. That was the final straw.

They certainly are like Marmite and actually, I really do love real Marmite! I said nothing can go wrong with expansion chambers that is not visible. If you get a link called "Ronan Keating sings Christmas carols" don't open it, dhat a link to Ronan Keating singing Christmas carols.

Fd chat #18 – living reefs with robert sarnie

I de-coked the Cub with the help of my dear brother Eddy and the bike was waiting to be ridden for the first time at the end of the school day on my 16 th birthday. Whatever we do its got to be stronger than the origin thread in the cast alloy. chst

Well I tried but could not because they were blocked. The wonderful watershed age of 16 was now approaching and my thoughts turned to acquiring my first real road bike. I was earning more money now so a BM was within my financial reach.

I then push the insert in flush with the head. The content used to be written by intelligent, experienced motorcyclists and engineers and was always a good read.

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Typical Norton Commando Interstate. One evening we spotted a darkly clothed figure approaching us across the field. I was disillusioned again and the bike had to go.