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Chats de cubanos

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Chats de cubanos

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In Cuba, everyone knows the classic salsa singers and dancers, the Cuban anthems text chat rooms Guantanamera that blast from TVs day and night. Cimafunk is my artistic name. Cubabos those communities, new forms of expression, especially cultural expression, took place. Funk is a rhythm that came from parts of Africa, with a different name, and developed in the United States under the name funk.

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It was a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the culture, chat with the locals, and see parts dubanos the city that were lesser known. From my beginnings in the chorus of a small church in my town until now.

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More details in my next post. In Cuba, everyone knows the classic salsa singers and dancers, the Cuban anthems like Guantanamera that blast from TVs day and night.

The fish is caught fresh each cubamos, and you'll even see fisherman walking the beach with the catch-of-the-day draped over their shoulders. We arrived on our first day rather exhausted from a seven hour layover in Florida. I have fallen so deeply in love with the country of Cuba.

Apretaste: la red de parejas más grande de cuba

I definitely was far too overconfident with my Spanish-speaking abilities, as I ended up using a lot of pictures and pointing to get us around. Everyone in Cuba cubanow to be a 'taxi' driver and is looking to make a few extra CUCs to get you from one destination to another.

A short five minute walk from our apartment rental is the restaurant El Biky. You're reminded of what life used to be like, a much simpler more connected way of living. Fabrica de Arte is a huge warehouse full of art galleries, live music, drinks and food. If you're visiting from New York City, you'll be reminded of an art space you would perhaps find cubanox Brooklyn.

Cimafunk fever: cet chats with cuba's hottest musician

Technology is definitely making our lives more convenient, but it is also making us less present, more distracted, and less appreciative of one another. We decided to park ourselves at one of these beaches and enjoy a fresh seafood lunch of Red Snapper and Lobster right on the sand.

Collin Laverty September 4, We all know Cuba is very well-known for their tobacco, and Cuban cigars have been nearly unattainable for the last several cuvanos because of the US embargo against Cuba. I'd personally recommend trying to find a direct flight into Cuba if you're coming from the East Coast.

There are few street s in this city and the maps are not completely accurate, so we found ourselves more than often getting lost while trying to navigate our way around. The atmosphere at El Cocinero is beautiful and a great spot to enjoy drinks.

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The Napoleon Museum - A little random but it's a gorgeous old mansion with great views from the top floor. El Biky was our breakfast spot every morning in Cuba and it is located in Central Havana.

The atmosphere is trendythe prices are high, and the food is less than mediocre. We decided to eat here on the same night we visited Fabrica de Arte because it was in such close proximity.

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Most people here speak chat latino net little English. Some beaches along Playa del Este have restaurants perched right outside the cuubanos. During this time, many young artists established studios and galleries near the Plaza de la Catedral. I cannot stress enough that a minimum of a week and no less, is needed to see and enjoy the loveliness of this country.

It's not just that the architecture, streets, and cars are a vision of the past, but it's also that the access to technology and convenience is limited or even absent. Activities: Get lost in the streets d Havana.

Do NOT order the food here. The restaurant is packed full each night, so I strongly suggest calling the restaurant in advance and making a reservation.

Polyglot chat - polyglot club event in cuba, las tunas

For me, I was reminded of my childhood. The venue is open until 2am and I highly recommend checking it out! Lines start forming around 7pm and the space is open until 2am. There is no doubt that technology has and is making our lives more convenient, but it is also contributing to a much more distracting and much less appreciative way of living.

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I think most people find their experience to be especially ificant because of the feeling of traveling back in time. El Cocinero is an adorable space known for its large brick chimney.

Nostalgia overcomes you when you walk the streets of Havana. Today it is owned by a woman named Leticia, and the restaurant itself serves dishes from recipes of the past. That is a privilege. Massive chxts and lines tend to roll in around 7pm at Fabrica de Artes. The best place for money exchange is at the airport in Havana. My favorite and by far the best food we had in all of Havana. Cubans take advantage of this fact, and attempt to sell brand name cigars for high prices.


When we found ourselves really off course, we asked the locals for directions and recommendations, or flagged down taxis to get to the specific sites we had bookmarked. There was not a moment where I saw myself doing other things.

Tropical fruits every day in Cuba: Papaya, Guava, and Watermelon plate.