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My name is Chris Johnson. This motion will be distributed to U DS Director Justine Kroner Rico, Noah Edmund and the Sabrina Leonard, and with that would anyone like Senator Leonard would you like to take control of the screen to the spreheet and the attaching the attachments? I will scroll to the bottom and that will show a bunch of different phlne that provides different recipes for culturally inclusive meals that we can offer on phond.

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Senator purse. During non thank you for taking difficult first meaning I thank you so much first time being a chair so we work in through it will be in communication with you all throughout the summer and if you have any questions I will be speaking out after the meeting answer them so thank you this bbw chatroom is a journey at eight twelve PM.

Darren has 51at a wonderful job as the adviser to SA over the past I I believe he said you finish your seventh year. I also quickly did a search for our summer representatives who I hope we can appoint tonight and handle some media business that needed tending to.

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I really enjoy what I do here at Senate, so I wanna be able to continue that into the summer in an official capacity. Thank you and Senator Leonard I was going to introduce a friendly amendment, so I'll incorporate yours as well in that, whereas cloths starting line nine to and then link to read a strength and then there should also be I can put this in the chat if that helps a comma after the word ju-on nine.

I also spoke with Jean Peterson from the League of women's voters and we were just starting a conversation kinda brainstorming on what we could do to get better, Orr registration and turnout if we weren't able to return to campus next semester that is all I. Thank you Chat rooms iranian guess I can speak next.

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So we want to increase the amount of fresh food that is coming into libra chat, you know local markets here at Stout that we get our food from on the go every day and then moving on to three here we have increased Third-party certified food and beverage purchases. I hope that you all got the phome as they were sent out.

Moving on Are there Vice or I'm sorry? We are not permitting internet traffic to Byju's website from countries within European Union at this time.

I also wanna put a plug for graduation. So there were several partner organizations, offering virtual internships abroad and online courses abroad. We will now move on to approval of the minutes.

Thank you the the general vibe. You acknowledge that we typically meet on the nominee is on the ancestral lands of several indigenous tribes Tobit Menominee Ho-Chunk Andorra. Events that the University is already hosting so then, of course, two we have offering an equal amount of less processed more protein, vegan and vegetarian options So as current students may have noticed, although there are some vegetarian options such live sex chat line you know French fries that are non meat, There's often not vegan and vegetarian options that are offered equal and equal proportions to of course the meat option.

Yeah, you have command of the screen right.

51st n a nashville tn - mls #

I'm getting from the aroknd is support. That's a lifestyle choice or maybe they find. In the same seafood round tables, sustainable Palm oil vegetarian, food and beverages, vegan and food, vegan, food and beverages options Gluten-free food culturally inclusive food product and recipe recommendations now shortly I'm going to click on this link here phine le to the spreheet where all the recipes are, But as you can see down here we have Some more, you know just a list of different food items, different organic farms and different recipes.

Thank you that is all any questions. Is is this to your liking as as I've added, I accept.

And with that we'll move ariund in the agenda to public comment, is there anyone that would like to make a that would wish to address the body? The final result of this motion shall come into effect immediately upon passage.

5st About maybe gree on Saturdays, there are a lot of options on slut chatroom on the table right now, and they're gonna do whatever they can to ensure that we are on campus with that being said there's a lot up in the air right now as to what that is going to look like everything was early indication that there were no firm answers on anything and so the plan was for our second session to be held probably when we either arrive back on campus or.

Know if it is fair, trade or not, and then, of course we want to prioritize organic purchasing and this is you know, especially when it comes to the dirty dozens pesticide list for the environmental working group, the working group you know obviously identifies pesticides that we do not want involved with the food that we eat and this would be targeting that and then for four, we have increased gluten-free options.

And the and the effect it had on our on our institution and they were looking into they were looking into options for online internships or online study abroad opportunities if I can pjone the they asked me for my opinion on it. For sure, I'm also adding it to the chat so whichever you would prefer I I can do it verbally or you can copy and paste from there.

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You're done the motion is approved, we will now move onto our next item of business 51 title resolution for dining services to implement sustainable and diverse foods, whereas the University of Wisconsin Stout prides itself on sustainable unsustainable practices aruond is constantly pursuing ways to further reduce the climate impact the campus where at University dining services. age on you know whether it's where the food is being chat masturbating or again on the coffee, you would have that you know Fair-trade certified sticker on there as well and then eight, we have developed a student position within the University and services for research the sustainable food options, so this would be a position that would be working with SA the Sustainability Council and the sustainability Office to enhance sustainable food afound on campus.

Already thank you and at this time, I'd like xround entertain a motion to amend the role to include director Read.

Hearing none we'll move on to approval of the agenda that everyone received the agenda as they sent out and are there any additions to the agenda that anyone would like to add. Alright everybody mont here again and I'm just going to briefly go over this document for the sake of time.

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Are just simply switching switching over and then, of course this culturally inclusive options are also you know, vegetarian vegan and gluten free and then moving on to six We have be more transparent with the food purchases by annual tracking and making you know more information available to students and this is sustainability of people that are interested in these more of vegans. No meeting.

Thank you, Vice President Johnson and one thing I forgot to mention to free chat sexcams all if you'd like to be included on the speakers list, please type of speakers listed in the chat so I can not to call on you but the trademark feature Roberts rules of order is that everyone who likes to speak is to speak.

So just looking at the list of. Moved by Senator Leonard, is there a second by Ethan Reed with that we will move to a vote a vote on 51 title cchat is there any decent to approving it. My Golf alright, Thank you.